Spokane River Mobile Notary - Offering mobile notary services in Washington.

I have worked in the real estate, escrow, mortgage lending, and notary industries since 2001. I absolutely fell in love with the great attention to detail, accuracy, and timeliness these industries require. When I complete a signing for a client I know that I am there not only representing myself, but the individuals and companies who entrusted me to handle the notarization of the documents for their transaction.

I moved to the Inland Northwest in 2016 and truly enjoy living here. I love our gorgeous landscape, outdoor spaces, and the minimal traffic jams. After spending a year getting to know the area I knew this was the perfect place to start my own, full-time, mobile notary business. Being a mobile notary gives me the opportunity to meet a wide variety of signors and travel to a plethora of places in the area.

When I'm not attending to "notary near me" requests you can find me hiking our local trails, volunteering for Washington Trails Association, or just tending to my own backyard. And any given day you can find my head buried in a good book.

Your Notary,
Agnes Reizik