Spokane River Mobile Notary - Offering mobile notary services in Washington.

The Spokane River Mobile Notary Promise

• Provide courteous and exceptional customer service.

• Represent your company at the signing in the same manner as you’d represent yourself.

• Confirm signing appointment and location with client 24 hours prior to scheduled signing (unless otherwise specified).

• Arrive on time at the scheduled signing location. If I am even a minute late, I will call the client and advise them of my delay.

• Present and describe the function of each document in the closing package.

• Personally observe each party signing all documents as their name appears on the documents.

• Strictly follow the closing instructions provided; this includes any specifics regarding amendments to documents and protocols.

• Not answer questions regarding the conditions and terms of the loan, nor the legal effect of any document, nor offer my opinion.

• Should questions arise at the signing table I will direct them to the appropriate individual and have them answered prior to leaving the signing location.

• My cell phone will remain off. I will not accept calls during a closing not pertaining to the signing. The customer will have my complete attention.

• Communicate the status of signing immediately after completion.

• Promptly deliver all executed documents in a secure manner as instructed in the scheduling confirmation order.

• Signed loan packages requiring FedEx and UPS overnight will be dropped same day of signing unless the signing is concluded past the cutoff drop times.